Bitumen 40/50

Bitumen 40/50

Bitumen, a black semi-solid material, is one of the crude oil products our company has been supplying and exporting for over 10 years. Also, it has different types, such as cut-back bitumen, bitumen emulsion, bitumen viscosity grade, and bitumen penetration grade. The last item includes several groups like PEN 40/50 and PEN 60/70.

Here in this article, we aim to introduce bitumen penetration grade 40/50. So, read the paper to the end and contact us if you have any questions.

Bitumen 40/50 Specification:

First, it is essential to know that the name of these bitumen categories is because of their consistency and hardness, which can determine the amount of penetration of the needle into the bitumen. By the same token, the bitumen classification range is from 30 to 120.

Additionally, the main bitumen penetration grades are 40/50, 60/70, and 80/100.

It is worth noting that in some areas, people know this type of bitumen as bitumen 40/60, which is the old version. As a matter of fact, in World War II, the grades of bitumen penetration were PEN 40/60, 60/90, and 80/120. After the war, the range of penetration got closer and switched to bitumen 40/50, 60/70, and 80/100. Therefore, if we hear about PEN 40/60, it doesn’t mean that this type does not exist. In fact, only the name has changed.

Bitumen 40/50 means that a needle with a load of 100 grams penetrates 4-5 mm into the bitumen at room temperature (25 degrees).

When we point out to PEN 40/50, we mean that 40 indicates the minimum penetration, and 50 indicates the maximum penetration.

By the way, this is the hardest type of bitumen penetration grade.

It should be noted that bitumen penetration has another category divided into two groups:

1. Tropical bitumen penetration

2. Cold bitumen penetration

Bitumen 40/50 is in the first group. Accordingly, Tropical countries mostly use this type of bitumen.

The other key point is that this kind of bitumen is mainly utilized sparingly, and people usually mix it with other grades like PEN 60/70. However, some regions, like South India, use this bitumen directly without mixing it with different grades.

In addition to all the mentioned things, the price of this grade of bitumen is higher than others because it is aerated more than other types.

Bitumen penetration 40/50

PEN Bitumen 40/50 Supplier:

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