The price of bitumen emulsion is a very important thing that buyer countries pay close attention to. Hence, its price can be unstable and change over time. In this article, our aim is to explain some parameters that can cause these fluctuations.

Emulsion Bitumen Price

27 November – 4 December


Drum Packing

Price USD $


531 – 541


531 – 541


536 – 546


569 – 579


461 – 471


569 – 579


632 – 642


What are the factors that affect the bitumen emulsion price?

There are several factors that can have some effect on the bitumen emulsion price and lead to making some changes to it. Below, we name just some of the important ones:

Bitumen emulsion price
  • The price of oil
  • Amount of supply and demand
  • The price of the emulsifier and surfactant which help to make the emulsion
  • The price of additives used to stabilize it
  • The cost of the production process, including the cost of tools, materials, packing, and transportation
  • Some natural events such as floods, earthquakes, etc.
  • Political events like strikes, sanctions, demonstrations of people, and revolution
  • The economic condition in a country in comparison with all over the world

Correlation Between Oil Price and Bitumen Emulsion Price:

Since is one of the products obtained from oil, increasing or decreasing its price will affect the price of bitumen emulsion. In other words, the parameters which affect oil prices will affect the bitumen emulsion prices, too. Thus, it is the most important factor on which the price of bitumen emulsion depends. If you see any fluctuations in bitumen prices, know that the main reason is oil price fluctuations.

Demand, Supply and Price:

Accordingly, by Considering the supply constant, when the demand goes up, the price of bitumen emulsion also rises in the market. On the other hand, by Considering the demand constant, if the supply increases, the price will go down.

bitumen emulsion price
bitumen emulsion price

The United States, China, and India are examples of consumer countries, therefore, the demands received from them are more. So, they can have lots of effects on demand, supply, and price. For instance, when the demand increases and supply decreases simultaneously, the price will multiply.


Effects of Natural Events:

Natural events such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, and earthquakes are Among the factors that we mentioned at the beginning. These events lead to stopping road and street construction and sealing jobs. Thereupon, the delay and stopping of using this material, make a deduction in the price.

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