Bitumen In Malaysia

Middle Eastern bitumen is one of the best quality bitumen in the world. bitumen in Malaysia For this reason, the Middle East is considered one of the most important exporters and producers of bitumen, which can supply an important part of the bitumen needed all over the world. Therefore, the Middle East exports this product to the countries of North, South, and East Asia, Africa, and Europe.

In this article, we introduce the export bitumen of Our Company in different types of packaging and grades, and we also describe the inspection method before loading the cargo. After reading this article, you can buy the bitumen that you need from our company with confidence. Stay with us until the end of the article.

Bitumen In Malaysia.

Types Of Bitumen Required For The Malaysian Market

We supply bitumen types With different grades to suit the demand in the Malaysian market, that including:

  • Penetration bitumen grade 60/70 and 80/100

  • Emulsion bitumen grade K160 and SS1

  • Cutback bitumen grade MC30

  • Oxidized bitumen grade 85/25 , 90/15 and 115/15

Among the above, our most popular bitumen in Malaysia is 60/70 penetration bitumen. However, all the mentioned items are of high quality and you can buy the bitumen according to your needs with confidence.

What Information Does The SGS Report Contain?

The SGS company is the global standard for determining sustainability, quality, and integrity In fact, this company inspects the cargo at the customs and prepares the SGS report before export.

The SGS report includes the following sections:

  • Customer Information
  • Marking
  • Packing
  • Containers’ Data
  • Quantity
  • Lab Analysis

The most important part of the SGS report is the laboratory analysis that shows that the cargo is of certified quality. As a result, with this report, you can be sure of the quality of the cargo purchased.

You can contact our consultants for more information. The experienced consultants of our collection can guide you in the field of product selection.

Bitumen Packing

We can supply Middle Eastern bitumen in new steel drums or jumbo bag packaging with the best quality and cost.

The new steel drum is available in different weights and dimensions:

  • Long Drum: Weight 180 kg and Height 980 mm

  • Normal Drum: Weight 150 kg and Height 860 mm

  • Normal Drum: Weight 200 kg and Height 950 mm

  • Short Drum – Big Lead: Weight 156 kg and Height 890 mm

The body thickness of all drums is 6 mm and their diameter is 500 mm.

There are also two types of jumbo bags in different weights and dimensions:

  • Jumbo Bag with Weight 1 MT and dimensions 100*107*107 cm.

  • Jumbo Bag with Weight 250 kg and dimensions 100*55*55 cm.

The height of the jumbo bags is 100 cm and the dimensions of the cage are 105*105*100.

In fact, the jumbo bag is an environmentally friendly bitumen packaging. This bag can be recycled and its amount of waste is zero. For this reason, our company supplies bitumen with jumbo bag packaging to different markets of the world to protect the environment.

Who Approves The Bitumen Of The Company?

SGS and Geochem representatives inspect our products before loading the cargo. Also, the inspector of our company is also present in this inspection and prepares a report for you based on the ASTM standard of bitumen quality.

as a matter of fact, SGS is an international company whose main services are inspection, quality control, and certification.