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bitumen price archive

Bitumen prices archive

Bitumen price archive : is almost a complicated matter that necessitates comprehensive knowledge and analysis.

prices are not fixed and predetermined prices, since some factors

such as market demands, global market situation, and some more items affect them.

Although bitumen prices are not that simple to be predicted, there is bitumen prices  that will help analysts to forecast the changes in the future.

Bitumen prices archive indicates that when a country’s bitumen demand decreased, and when it entered its peak periods.

 prices archive not only represents the exact prices in every week of the months, but it also compares the changes thoroughly.

For instance, most construction projects are better to be finished before the end of the year

so most countries’ demands in October are likely to rise. Consequently, the bitumen prices will also rise in some regions.

What does the bitumen prices archive indicate?

There are bitumen prices available for all countries in the world.

Good to know that bitumen prices archive, are more useful for Asian markets such as Vietnam, Indonesia

and the Philippines, since Middle East countries are pioneers in the field of petrochemicals exports and imports.

Let’s look through bitumen prices archive 2019 in the following.

According to the  prices archive 2019, Australia bitumen demand increased as road construction became busier after the winter ended.

For the Middle East region, demand also increased gradually.

Generally speaking, bitumen prices were slightly in an ascending trend for the future months in 2019. To better know the uses of price archive, let’s pay attention to the situation that makes the export of Russian bitumen to the neighboring CIS countries cost-effective for European customers.

How does the bitumen prices archive inform about the recent years prices?

In other words, Russian refineries can produce extra volumes to the European market due to a temporary decline in domestic demand in 2020.

As you see, prices archive gives us useful information by which we can predict the situation, prices, and market demands.

In the years 2019 to 2020, fluctuations were high, and the lockdown has affected the prices notably.

In the years 2017 to 2018, fluctuations were also high.

Trade wars, political matters, and global issues were all effective in the bitumen prices in those years.

Referring to the price archives can be useful for anticipating the market. As has been mentioned, bitumen prices are not some fixed prices, they need analysis and knowledge. On this website, we have brought the complete prices archive for you to analyze and get some useful pieces of information.