Bitumen pucks 

Bitumen pucks are one of the bitumen’s forms which is available in the market and have many uses and demands.

To become more familiar with the notion of Bitumen pucks, we will discuss the basic definition of bitumen, its specification and packaging shortly.

As a simple definition, bitumen is a hydrocarbon that is black to dark brown which completely dissolves in carbon sulfide and carbon tetrachloride. Besides, bitumen is solid at ambient temperature. But as the temperature rises, it becomes a paste and then liquefies. The important use of bitumen is due to the existence of two significant properties of this material; Above all, Waterproofness and viscosity.

As you may know, these two items are highly determinative in the bitumen classifications and categories.

Now, let’s review the distinctive types of bitumen in the following.

Types of bitumen and applications

  • Petroleum and natural bitumen
  • Blown bitumen
  • Mixed or dissolved bitumen
  • Emulsion bitumen

As an obvious matter, bitumen is commonly applicable in both road construction and insulation. In fact, about 90% of the bitumen produced accounts for road construction, and insulation costs account for only 10% of bitumen consumption.

That is to say, Here, a question may appear that how they decide about which type is suitable for constructions and which one is good for insulation.

Meanwhile To answer this question, we should refer back to the famous bitumen tests in which they define each type’s functionality.

Top bitumen tests

1. Firstly Measuring the Softening Point

2. secondly Measuring the degree of Penetration

3. Measuring the ductility

4. Measuring the Breaking Point

5. Investigation of the effect of heat and air on Thin Film Over Test bitumen

6. Viscosity measurement

7. Specific gravity measurement

8. Measuring the solubility or purity of bitumen

9. Measuring the Flash Point

10. Measuring the strength of asphalt mixtures by Marshall method

11. Sieve Analysis of Mineral Materials

12. Extraction and testing of bitumen in asphalt mixtures

Now, let’s move on to the various kinds of bitumen packagings one of which is Bitumen pucks.

Bitumen packages

  1. Barrel

That is to say There are some useful notes in this regard detailed as below.

  1. The number of barrels in each 20 feet container: 110 barrels without pallets and 80 barrels of pallets.
  2. Needless to mention that the number of barrels in each 40 feet container is: 150 barrels without pallets and 137 barrels of pallets.
  3. Polybag

As a matter of fact, it is a new and environmentally friendly technology for packing different grades of bitumen, which provides end-users with the ability to transport and use the product more easily.

  1. Bulk
  2. Jumbo bag
  3. Bitumen pucks

To sum up, bitumen has some classifications in accordance with some specific test results.

Besides, these classifications have some functions and applications in different fields.

Commercially speaking, bitumen types require the most appropriate package type as mentioned above, otherwise they may have some consequences during shipping.