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In this article, we will mention the news that bitumen suppliers care about a lot. Consequently, this text will be very helpful for oil and bitumen suppliers. Last week factors largely drove, ending November 8, the value of the US dollar

in the New York market such as the Chinese government’s bailout

package, concerns about major currencies and interest rates. In fact, investors

are on the possibility of the global economy entering a recession, stock

market fluctuations, trade carry transactions, risk aversion and shareholder risk.

The remarks of the US Treasury Secretary & the bitumen suppliers

As a matter of fact, the Governor of the Bank of England made the remarks. On Monday, the US dollar strengthened in the New York market under

the influence of the Chinese government support package against

most major currencies, but against the Japanese yen and the euro. Moreover,

the US dollar strengthened in the New York market on Tuesday as

investors worried about the state of the global economy and reduced

their risk against most major currencies. Therefore, the value of the US dollar

in the New York market against the basket of major currencies reached its

highest level in the last two weeks.

bitumen suppliers

On Wednesday, the value of the US dollar in the market strengthened most

of the major currencies in New York under the influence of

US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Needless to mention that

Also , bankruptcy Approved US Bankruptcy has helped stabilize the US financial system. The words of King Mervyn, the Governor of the Bank of England,

also was about the weak economic growth trend. It is worth mentioning

that the country and the possibility of a further decline in this trend next

year, and the possibility of an extra decrease in key UK interest rates

could weaken the British pound against the US dollar and reach its lowest point.

Investors & bitumen suppliers

The level of the last six years was against the dollar. The British pound also

hit an all-time low against the euro on the day. On the other hand, large sales

Also , in stock markets led to the investor’s diversion. As mentioned before,

the investors diverted their financial assets to the Japanese yen as a haven

But , for investment, which strengthened the Japanese yen against most

major currencies. The US dollar strengthened in global markets due to

improved investor risk exposure to most major markets. Besides, the

powerful performance of the Wall Street Stock Exchange on this day

strengthens risk-taking. To be more specific, the US dollar depreciated

against the euro. The Japanese yen also weakened sharply against the

US dollar on that day.

In addition to the above, they incline increasing risk appetite Investors to

buy shares in companies that have recently acquired whose shares. The

state of the global economy reduced its risk-taking and the downward

trend in stock market trading. To be more specific, market traders were

waiting for the outcome of the G20 summit. Besides, developed and

developing countries, known as the G20, began their two-day

summit in Washington.

Precious metals exchange & bitumen suppliers

Last week, the Chinese government’s recent move to inject large

amounts of liquidity, fluctuations in commodity prices, rising inflation

concerns and affect the price of gold in the precious metals markets

of London and New York. During the mentioned period, the average price

of an ounce of gold in the mentioned markets decreased by 1.5 and 2.8

percent to the levels of $3.8 and $3.8, respectively. Gold in these markets

fell due to investors avoiding risky trades such as stock and gold trading,

lower crude oil prices and lower commodity prices.

Futures Trading Transactions & bitumen suppliers

As you may know, December gold fell $2.7, or 6 percent, to $3.2 an ounce

in the COMEX section of the New York Mercantile Exchange. The price of

gold on this day is between $40 / 738-711 / 40. Significant liquidity in the

gold market on this day was due to the need to cover the losses caused

by the losses in the stock sector. Moreover, On Thursday, the price of

gold in these markets fell by about 2% due to a large amount of liquidity

and the strengthening of the dollar. Meanwhile, on this day, the Central

Bank of Russia announced that the total value of gold reserves.

Also , the country’s currency has fallen from $484.6 billion in the

But , week ending October 31 to $475.4 billion in the week ending November 7. On Friday, the price of gold is about to change by large purchases. To be

more specific, the formation of the G20 summit and its positive impact on

the ingot market increased by over 5%.Last week, the action of

Saudi Arabia affected the price of crude oil in world markets in reducing

the production ceiling of this country, the decision of the Chinese

government to inject liquidity into the financial markets of this country,

the crude oil exchange.bitumen suppliers

Futures Trading Transactions

Additionally, growing concerns were about declining demand for

petroleum products, stock market fluctuations and the strengthening of the

US dollar. The United States fell to $54.68 and $58.64, respectively,

down 9.94 percent and 82.8 percent. Crude oil prices on Wednesday

amid growing concerns about declining global demand for petroleum

products and supplies. It reduced unpleasant forecasts based on government

data and the re-depreciation of the Wall Street stock index. It is good to

know that OPEC is likely to reduce its oil production ceiling again,

and the evidence suggests that most of its recent efforts have failed.