Blown bitumen

Blown bitumen : In this article, we will become familiar with the bitumen types,

one of which is blown bitumen that has many applications, their functions and uses. So, stay with us. We hope you find it useful.

Types of bitumen:

There are two main types of bitumen that has many uses in road construction. In other words, petroleum bitumen

and mineral or natural bitumen are the main aforementioned types in the industry. In the following, we discuss more.

1) – Natural bitumen:

When deep-earth crude volatiles evaporate over time against atmospheric agents, a black substance

which is natural bitumen remains. Natural bitumen includes lake bitumen and rock bitumen.

A) Lake bitumen:

When crude oil naturally ascends through the failed layers of the earth and its material evaporates,

natural bitumen forms in the form of a lake on the ground. It’s good to know that the sources of lake bitumen in most parts of the world are

Lake Trinidad bitumen with a volume of about 10 Up to 15 million cubic meters. Bermuda bitumen lake in Venezuela is another important mine. An example of this type of bitumen in Iran is Behbahan bitumen lake.

B) Bitumen stones:

Bitumen are mainly limestone and sandstones into which crude oil has penetrated

and over time its volatiles have evaporated and bitumen remains in these rocks. Besides, the amount of bitumen in these stones varies from 7 to 80%.

C) Gilsonite:

Gilsonite is a natural hydrocarbon resin in the Bonita River in northeastern Utah. This natural asphalt has hardened like a crude oil asphalt. Usually the names asphalt, euthanate and asphaltum are also used for this material. Important to know, Gilsonite, like natural asphalt, is soluble in aliphatic and aromatic solvents.

2) – Petroleum bitumen:

In the early twentieth century, petroleum bitumen from crude oil refining came on the market

and replaced mineral and natural bitumen in asphalt pavements and other industrial uses. Generally, this type of bitumen is from refining crude oil in distillation towers

and finally remains at the bottom of the tower at a temperature of more than 380 degrees. Note that blown bitumen is under the title of this kind of bitumen.

Types of petroleum bitumen:

A) blown bitumen:

Blown bitumen types are from blowing hot air into pure bitumen in the final stage of purification. Pure bitumen, which is in a liquid state and at a high temperature, goes into a special chamber and blown from the bottom of this chamber by means of perforated air pipes. Moreover, this operation is usually at a temperature between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius.