Natural bitumen supplier

Generally speaking, there are some factors that affect the situation for a natural bitumen supplier.

To be more specific, events in dominant countries can

largely affect the situation for a natural bitumen supplier. First, we start with

the most important events in Turkey.

The most important economic events in Turkey and the world in 2020

As a matter of fact, August is the month of several important events as follows.

  • First, discover the largest gas field in the history of Turkey in the Black Sea
  • Then, the arrival of the 1056-meter block train to Turkey
  • Turkey’s $2.5 billion revenue from hazelnut exports
  • 60% growth in the sales market of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Turkey
  • Then, the American company “Zynga” bought the Turkish “Rollick”

gaming company for 168 million dollars

  • 60% increase in Turkish ship and yacht exports
  • Increasing Turkish garment exports to European countries
  • And, participation of Turkish Tussah Company in the production of

various aircraft engines

  • And, a 25.5% increase in Turkish fruit and vegetable exports
  • The signing of the UAE’s first cooperation agreement with Israel after the normalization agreement
  • Seven Turkish companies entered the list of the largest defense

companies in the world

  • 124% growth in housing transactions in Turkey; Iranians are the

leading foreign buyers.

natural bitumen supplier :

  • Turkish-made street and street disinfection device called

“Micronsis”, which can be installed in a variety of trucks,

were exported to 42 countries.

  • In fact, Iran topped the list of foreign investors in Turkey with 317

companies registered in the first half of this year

  • Moreover, continuation of transit shipments of Indian donated wheat to

Afghanistan through Chabahar port

  • The Central Bank of Turkey kept the repo interest rate stable
  • Besides, Turkish Renaissance has been named one of the top 23

contractors in the world

  • Holding the 5th International Exhibition of Virtual Space

and Satellite Technology

  • Significantly, a decrease in Turkish natural gas imports from Russia and Iran
  • Also, Turkish industry booms again in the shadow of the corona outbreak

September events & natural bitumen supplier

  • First, the continued devaluation of the Russian ruble
  • Japanese economy shrinks 28.1%
  • 11.4% decline in the EU economy in the second quarter of 2020
  • Therefore, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has called US tariffs

on China a violation of trade law

  • Discovery of a new gas reservoir in Egyptian waters by the

Italian company Eni

  • Also ,Turkish honey exports to 44 countries
  • But ,Reducing the number of US oil rigs
  • Exports of $ 5.5 billion from the automotive industry from Turkey

in the first eight months of 2020

  • Increasing the volume of Tajikistan’s foreign trade

 October events & natural bitumen supplier

  • In fact, cooperation between the UAE, the United States and

Israel in the energy sector

  • The United States has placed 18 other Iranian banks on the

sanctions list

  • Then, increasing the export of carpets from Turkey
  • Turkish bicycle exports reached 49 million euros
  • Completion of the construction process of the Trans Adriatic

Pipeline project for transferring Azerbaijani gas to Europe

  • Also , Significant increase in Turkish exports in the agricultural,

agricultural and mining sectors

  • The World Bank has approved a $12 billion grant to build the

Corona vaccine

  • Completing 80% of the capacity of hotels with safe tourism

licenses in Turkey during the Corona pandemic

  • Also , Turkey makes significant progress in the field of artificial intelligence
  • 44% increase in Turkish citrus exports to Russia
  • Finally, a $49.2 billion Saudi budget deficit

November & natural bitumen supplier

  • First, Turkey’s success in Black Sea gas exploration activities
  • Then, over 3 million foreign tourists travel to Antalya
  • Third, Istanbul Airport became the third busiest airport in Europe
  • Fourth, holding the first virtual global exhibition in the field of

defense industry by Turkey

  • 25% increase in exports of luxury and pleasure boats and

yachts from Turkey

  • But , As the ultimate point, the signing of the “Road Transport Agreement” between

Turkey and Russia

  • Also , Turkey exported more than $10 billion to Balkan countries in 10 months
  • 20% increase in Turkish construction materials exports
  • The decline in industrial production in the euro area
  • Additionally, holding the sixth saffron flower festival in Herat, Afghanistan
  • 57% increase in fish oil exports from Turkey
  • The Central Bank of Turkey raised interest rates to 15 percent
  • And, discovery of an oil field with 22 billion barrels of

unconventional oil reserves in Abu Dhabi

  • Russia extends sanctions against Western countries
  • Generally, Turkey is one of the top 5 countries in the field of wind

turbine production

  • Turkey and Qatar agree to transfer 10% stake in Istanbul Stock Exchange

 December events

  • first,Turkey ready to export Kalka anti-aircraft system to Russia
  • Additionally, export of dairy products from Turkey to 71 countries
  • Indeed , The arrival of the first Iranian freight train to Afghanistan
  • Also, earn $312 million in Turkish jewelry exports
  • But , Turkey is one of the 7 leading countries in gas turbine engine production
  • EU leaders agree on a budget and economic rescue package

to curb the effects of the Corona pandemic

  • First ,Unemployment in Turkey fell 1.1 percent
  • Second,Turkish tea exports reached more than $15 million
  • Third,Turkish financial aid to the Afghan army
  • But ,  US decision to impose sanctions on Turkey over the purchase of S-400 from Russia
  • Specifically, re-launching of the Istanbul-Tehran‌-Islamabad container train
  • Also , Turkey’s Archlick, Japan’s Hitachi sign $ 300m joint venture
  • Similarly ,US Treasury Department Sanctions 4 Iranian Petrochemical Export Companies in China and UAE
  • As the final point, discovery of a great gold deposit in the Gubretaş

field of mines in Turkey