Here, we are going to read about recycled base oil. We also tried to cover some other types of oils such as base oil and used oil for more information. So, please read the article to the end.

Base Oil:

Petroleum has different products. One of them is base oil – also known as virgin oil – and our company supplies it to many countries.

The way to get this material is to heat crude oil.

This heat separates light and heavy hydrocarbons. The light type produces gasoline and other fuels, while the heavier type is suitable for bitumen and base oils.

Virgin oil is mainly used as a lubricator in vehicles, airplanes, and other similar cases.

It is necessary to change the oil every 2000-3000 km in cars. Furthermore, we should replace the burnt oil with a new one.

When we use virgin oil:

  • Its color, application, content, and original properties change
  • The efficiency reduces
  • A series of additional and harmful substances are created in it

Reducing the Properties of Chemical Additives:

Some additives in oil are sensitive to heat and high temperatures. This factor can cause the evaporation or breaking of the molecular structure of additives.

Heat, contamination, and reduction of the effect of chemical additives result in losing the base oil. Moreover, the base oil will get closer to the end of its lifetime.

Used Oil:

During operation, mineral oils react with oxygen and decompose by applying heat. Hence, this causes the production of unsaturated polar and asphaltic compounds.

This oil also is mixed with other materials such as dust, fuel, carbon, and metal particles and loses its efficiency. We can name it “used oil.”

To explain more, most of the oil used to lubricate machines and vehicles loses its original properties after a while. In other words, all chemical additives are consumed, and a series of by-products are obtained in the oil, which must be removed from the consumption cycle. So, “used oil” is the name of obtained oil here.

Different Grades of Base Oil and Recycled Base Oil:

Like bitumen, one of the petroleum products, base oil, and recycled base oil have different grades.

– Some grades of base oil are: SN150, SN300, SN500, and SN750.

– Some grades of recycled base oil are: recycled base oil 30 and recycled base oil 150.

Existing Problems During the Operation of Base Oil:

One of the problems is that Produced gases from the fuel enter the oil and cause the oil to become acidic.

The other problem is the metal particles acting as a catalyst in high temperatures and in the vicinity of oxygen. Accordingly, asphalt material and sludge will form, which will increase the oil viscosity.

Recycled Base Oil:

In the past, burnt oil was buried in the deserts, which had many environmental effects. But then, it has been decided to recycle it because Disposing of this material in the desert can pollute the soil and underground water. Also, it can acidize the soil, which is harmful to agriculture.

In summary, the base oil is used and turns into burnt oil. These burnt oils are collected together and get recycled. The oil obtained from the purification of burnt oil is “recycled base oil.”

The Color of Base Oil and Recycled Base Oil:

The base oil, as seen in the photo, is light yellow.

The color of recycled oil that is not fully refined is dark and almost black. However, the oil which is fully recycled is yellow.

Effecting Factors on Oil Contamination:

The following factors can be influential in the amount of oil contamination:

  • The type of fuel
  • The quality of fuel
  • The mechanical condition of the engine

Supplier of Base Oil / Recycled Base Oil:

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