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February 5, 2023
bitumen general market

Weekly Market Report: Sudden Drop of Prices on Friday

Ukraine – Russia Planning a Major Russia is preparing a significant offensive as the year-long conflict between it and Ukraine approaches. According to the minister of […]
January 1, 2023
Genral bitumen market

Weekly Market Report: End of 2022 and Ambiguities in the market

 2023 Coming with Uncertain Traders It’s the last week of 2022, and more than 310 days ago Russia’s war against Ukraine began, and there are rumors […]
December 28, 2022
28 Dec

Weekly Bitumen Report: Hectic Year of Oil and Petroleum Products

Holidays and Weak Markets 2022 is now ending and the world has seen a huge spectrum of events in the last 12 months. To review the […]
December 25, 2022
25 Dec

Weekly Market Report: Shadow of Chaotic Prices

The Final Breath of 2022 On the 302nd day of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Volodymyr Oleksandrovich Zelensky crosses into the United States. This is his first […]
December 13, 2022
13 Dec

Weekly Bitumen Report: Best Prices of Recent Months

Is Crude Back? Bitumen and petrochemicals prices have been decreasing following the crude oil falling prices. This fall caused the market to be happy to see […]
September 25, 2022
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Weekly Market Report: Fluctuations Occur with Fears and Insecurities

Oil Charts The oil price balance in the second week of September fell and then rose again. Bitumen has also seen fluctuations, but demand has not […]