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July 18, 2023

Weekly Bitumen Report: Bullish Sentiment of Market Goes Further

Middle East Price Increase In the last 3 weeks, bitumen prices in the Middle East have increased in several different phases. Competition on the vacuum bottom […]
July 9, 2023
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Weekly bitumen report: Exploring the Dynamics of Oil Prices in Iran

Iran’s oil prices remain stable, but competition between refineries has increased, leading to a rise in vacuum bottom prices. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has extended […]
January 3, 2023

Weekly Bitumen Report: Where Is the Price Going?

New Year Silence After a hard year with war, covid, inflation, recession, and political tensions, we got to 2023. Experts and traders are looking for an […]
October 25, 2022
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Weekly Bitumen Report: Fears are Keeping Prices Down

Chaos Everywhere The week was almost steady for oil prices. Fuel, in Singapore, decreased but bitumen went up. The contradiction has surprised many but it is […]
July 19, 2022

Weekly Bitumen Report: Gentle Price Changes

Sluggish Market The bitumen market stayed a bit passive during last week due to the fluctuations happened in oil and fuel. The new steel drum, in […]
July 12, 2022

Weekly Bitumen Report: Price Fluctuations Along With Oil Uncertainties

Inactive Market Bitumen market and petrochemical had a relatively inactive market in the 2nd week of July. Traders are nearly uncertain about every bit of detail […]