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September 10, 2023
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Weekly Market report: Surge in Crude Oil Prices vs. the Manufacturers Competition

Expect bitumen prices to rise across all markets due to container shortages, the conclusion of the monsoon season in most regions, soaring crude oil prices, and […]
September 3, 2023
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Weekly General report: Political Tensions VS Bitumen Price Variations in September

Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, and Gabon have been involved in various conflicts. Over the past week, Russia and Ukraine escalated their drone and missile attacks against […]
August 27, 2023
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Weekly bitumen report: Global oil and bitumen fluctuations and the customers resistance this week

Global markets await interest rate decisions and the outcome of the Jackson Hole meeting could impact financial and energy markets. On Saturday, the Euro fell to […]
August 20, 2023
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Weekly bitumen report: China’s Economic Worries & Dollar Strength vs. Oil Price Dip in the Market

After seven weeks of continuous growth in oil prices, there was a decrease last week. This decline was due to worries about the slow improvements in […]
August 13, 2023
Bitumen Report

Weekly bitumen report: The significant surge in the average rate of competition for Vacuum Bottom

The vacuum bottom competition in Iran is 50% and the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Iranian Rial indicates an upward trend US consumer […]
August 6, 2023
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Weekly Market report: Plans to Reclaim Lost Market Share in August 2023

Saudi may increase production to recover lost market share. Petrol and gasoline prices in America increased due to shut-down refineries, peak demand, and low stockpiles. On […]