We tend to start this article with the most important question which is: What is industrial Vaseline? As a matter of fact, the industrial-grade of Vaseline is a semi-solid, translucent hydrocarbon compound that usually turns yellow. As the name implies, industrial Vaseline is not suitable for health and cosmetic purposes because it may contain some substances that are harmful to human health. In fact, industrial Grade is a petroleum oil that has good benefits for some industries.

Uses of industrial Vaseline

The industrial-grade of Vaseline is useful for various industries as a lubricant or coating.

Industries such as plastics, leather and tanning, wood-related industries, materials that should be away from moisture and water, automotive industries and industrial machinery benefit from this type of Vaseline. It is also a suitable coating against moisture and its destructive effects on various materials. The other applications of industrial  are as below:

In the automotive industry.

the field of leather production.

In the manufacture of wooden furniture.

producing metal tools.

the manufacture of plastics.

In the production process of industrial machinery in order not to wear out the equipment. And finally, in construction and molding of gypsum.

Other non-industrial applications of the product

Nowadays, the specialists apply this beneficial product in the cosmetics and skincare products.

Since this material treats burns, brightens the skin and cure dry skin, many factories are applying this in their creams and lotions.

In fact, its benefits are as follows:

  • moisturizes and prevents dry skin
  • keeps the skin as hydrated as possible
  • a good makeup remover, color and hair cuticle protector.

Industrial packaging

Typically, Vaseline packages are available in a 55 kg plastic barrel or a 175 kg metal barrel. Each 20-foot container can hold 110 barrels of Vaseline.

Isotank and flexi tank can also be useful in transferring the material in large volumes of 20 to 22 tons.

Production of the substance

Iran is always among the best in the world in the production of several products. One of these products is the different grades of Vaseline.

In other words, Vaseline in Iran is eminent in the world. Iran produces this material in the best quality due to its high efficiency and high customer demand.

To sum up, we highly recommend the Iranian industrial-grade of the product, since their quality is unique. This excellent quality has made Iran a major superpower in the field of industrial waxes and petroleum jelly distribution so that 27 countries are buyers of Iranian industrial products.