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Bitumen price is a verified website that updates the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual bitumen prices.

Bitumen Price.org is active cooperatively with Platts, Argus Media, Bitumart, and some international brands in the Middle East and Asia like Pasargad Oil, Jey Oil, Bapco, TIPCO, and Infinity Galaxy who are prominent in bitumen market.

In this website, we have discussed the bitumen trends since 2016, the items affecting the bitumen price, the reasons and technical analysis of the bitumen market and its oscillations, and the weekly accurate prices. Bitumen price.

org has also stated that the global bitumen market valued about 71 billion USD in 2013.

Bitumenprice.org foretold that the global bitumen market value will rise to 94 billion USD by 2021.

It also estimated that the market will develop about 3.9% CAGR in 2021.

Bitumen price is

considered as a complicated

subject that needs to have a comprehensive

knowledge of both the petrochemical market and the global economy to release true pieces of information. Otherwise, the released figures and bitumen prices would not be valid anymore. Bitumen price.org is a pioneer in this regard. This website can forecast the bitumen prices trends and procedures exactly and share the true reasons of every happening and change in prices properly. This site is professional in technically analyzing the bitumen market and its subcategories.

About Us

As a matter of fact

the major operator of oil’s price is supply and demand in the market.

Oil markets are composed of critics

who are betting on price moves

and hedgers who are limiting the chance of the oil production or consumption.

Oil supply is dominated somewhat by a cartel

of oil-producing nations called OPEC.

Besides oil demand is

driven by everything for

gasoline for cars and airline travel to electrical generation.

With oil’s growth as a high-demand global product comes the possibility that major fluctuations in price can have a notable economic impact.

The two general factors that impact the price of oil are:

  1. Supply and demand

  2. Market attitude

The notion of supply and demand is slightly straightforward. As demand increases (or supply decreases) the price should go up.

As demand decreases (or supply increases) the price should go down. But it’s not that much simple as I mentioned before.

The oil and bitumen price is dependent on the oil futures market.

An oil futures deal is a limiting agreement that gives one the right to purchase oil by the barrel at a determined price on a specific date in the future.

Under a futures contract, both

the buyer and the seller are obligated to fulfill their side of the

transaction on the specified date.

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