Bitumen is a black or dark brown substance that has adhesive properties. This substance is obtained naturally or through refinery processes from crude oil.

Currently, African countries are playing an important role in the world energy market by increasing production and discovering new oil and gas fields in different parts of the continent.

Since the bitumen price in Africa is one of the most important daily news, we intend to discuss it in this article.

Bitumen price in africa

The Latest Bitumen Price in Africa

Although oil production is increasing in Africa and new reserves have been discovered in the north and the desert of Africa, However, many of these countries are unable to properly use their oil reserves due to political instability and economic issues.

Nigeria country with oil production of about 69 million metric tons is the leading oil producer in Africa from 2022. After that, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, and Angola each produce more than 50 million tons. In fact, bitumen price in Africa depends on these five countries, since they are the continent’s top countries in terms of oil reserves.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo are two Western African countries that require a lot of bitumen to develop and maintain roads and highways per year.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo annually require 160,000 tons and 100,000 tons of penetration grade bitumen 60/70 respectively. For this reason, bitumen import is likely to rise in these countries.

Also, South Africa has 4 main refineries producing bitumen, but due to high demand and frequent production problems in some refineries, this country also imports bitumen from other countries, especially the Middle East.

Among other countries that import bitumen in Africa is Cameroon with Douala Port. The annual bitumen export to Cameroon is about 160,000 – 200,000 tons. Once the export bitumen cargo arrives at the port of Douala, it can be shipped throughout Central Africa.

Bitumen Price in Africa – Road Construction Industry

Depending on the weather conditions of different regions of Africa, asphalt roads can be made with suitable bitumen.

Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates and bitumen, which is also used for airport runways, parking decks, and work areas in ports.

Indeed, roads, parking decks, and airport runways are essential services that drive economic activity by channeling trade and mobility. Therefore, roads are one of the key sectors for the economic growth of a country, and massive investments are needed to modernize and maintain these systems.

With increasing urbanization and a shift in focus towards secondary sector development in African countries, infrastructure projects, especially in the transport sector, are increasing significantly, including:

  • Tanzania started construction of a key road and a bridge in November 2022. The project originates from the port city and capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, and connects northern Tanzania to the port city of Mombasa in Kenya. For this reason, it is of great importance for East Africa.
  • The Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a contract worth 168.6 $ million in February 2022 to finance the Arusha-Holili road improvement project.
  • The Trans-West African Coastal Highway is a transnational highway project. The highway will link 12 West African coastal nations, from Mauritania in the northwest of the region to Nigeria in the east, with feeder roads already existing to two landlocked countries, Mali and Burkina Faso.
  • Also, according to the report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development of Egypt, the number of national and strategic road projects in the 2023 plan includes 45 projects in Egypt.

Therefore, despite these projects, it is expected that the highest demand for bitumen in Africa will be for road construction projects, which can affect bitumen prices in Africa.

Bitumen Supplier in Africa

We have been supplying bitumen and petrochemical products worldwide for over 10 years. We provide high-quality bitumen from Middle East refineries.

Our Bitumen Products have high demand in the road construction industry and building construction industry among African countries. The countries of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda from East Africa, The countries of Cameron, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria from West Africa, South Africa country from South Africa and The countries of Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Libya from north Africa are already our main export markets of bitumen products in Africa. In addition to bitumen, we can supply paraffin wax, base oil, and caustic, which have high demand in Africa.

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