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Since Saudi Arabia is one of the superpowers in the world, it can simply affect the Iraq bitumen and the global oil and bitumen

market and demands.

Therefore, we have brought some useful pieces of information in this regard. As you may know,

the relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia

can have a large influence on the Iraq bitumen and demands. Consequently,

the below-mentioned points can give you helpful data to some extent.

US-Saudi relations; Big changes are on the way

In the following, we tend to explore the upcoming results of these two

countries’ negotiations. This week, the administration of US President Joe

Biden has provided another indication of how far it has strayed from the

Middle East policies of its predecessor, Donald Trump. White House representative Jen Saki said the president plans to “reassess” his

relationship with Saudi Arabia, a key US ally.

To be more specific, Donald Trump, through his son-in-law Jared Kouchner, established a close personal relationship with Saudi Crown

Prince Mohammed bin Salman, giving him much freedom to use

US-provided weapons in Yemen. On the other hand, Mr. Biden seems to

prefer to deal with his father, King Salman, 80, who is weak. Moreover, from

now on, read the US State Department statement that US policy requires prioritization by law and respect for human rights. So what does this policy

mean for both countries, and what are its risks for Washington and Riyadh?

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Tactical adjustments and the Iraqi bit

For the Saudi Crown Prince, known as the MBS, this means that the lucky

days of Trump’s presidency are over. In order for the Saudis to maintain

the United States as their strategic partner and “security umbrella” in the

long run, they must make concessions to cope with the current

completely different way of thinking in the White House. These include:

The United States will no longer support the Saudi-led war in Yemen; The

Saudis say: “Very well, we have tried to find a way to end that war, anyway.”

* Washington says fix disputes with Qatar. It’s needless to mention that they

have already done this.

* Voices in Congress say release women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia. As a matter of fact, last week, the most prominent female activist,

Lajin al-Hazloul, released on parole and returned to her family. Generally, the alliance between Saudi Arabia and the United States has deep roots. In fact, it dates back to a historic 1945 US warship meeting between

Saudi Arabia’s founder King Abdulaziz and then-US President Franklin Roosevelt. Additionally, these ties survived various events, including developments in

the 973-oil embargo, the 1991 Gulf War, and the 9/11 attacks,

in which most al-Qaeda suicide bombers were Saudi nationals.

Iraq bitumen and the white house

Roughly speaking, the new White House team may deeply sadden the Saudis –

it took several days for the leadership to congratulate Joe Biden –

but they are not going to replace the United States overnight. As mentioned above, they know that if the powerful US Fifth Fleet wants to leave the

Persian Gulf, Iran, Saudi Arabia’s rival in the region, will quickly fill the

void and become the dominant power in the region. Currently,

the Biden government has promised to help Saudi Arabia defend itself

against the attack, including against armed drone strikes by

Houthi forces in Yemen.


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The power behind the throne and the oil and Iraq bitumen market

As you may know, for the United States, there are dangers in Biden’s approach. King Salman is now too weak to play an active and practical role in the daily

affairs of Saudi Arabia. So in practice, Washington will inevitably have

to deal with its son, Mohammed bin Salman, for decades. Most

Western governments still consider Mohammad bin Salman an undesirable

figure, as they strongly suspect him of ordering the assassination of

journalist Jamal Khashgechi in 2018. He denies the allegations.

However, inside Saudi Arabia, Muhammad ibn Salman is very popular,

especially among young people who welcome his social reforms. Roughly speaking, he is only 35 years old and is far closer to the youth than other

Saudi rulers whom the people have long ruled. He also has all the levers of

power, as he has direct control over the armed forces, the Interior

Ministry and the National Guard.

Iraq bitumen and the pioneers’ decisions

With almost Machiavellian trickery, he has tackled all possible obstacles,

Also, including the imprisonment of America’s favorite man for the next Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Nayef, the former interior minister

and crown prince, in a 2017 coup without the bloodshed stopped by

Muhammad ibn Salman.

The Iraq bitumen and the results

However, when it comes to US pressure to influence things in Saudi Arabia,

things have not always gone the way Washington wanted. Condoleezza Rice,

the US Secretary of State in 2005, condemned authoritarianism in the region

and called on the Saudis to embrace democracy and hold free elections. Respectively, the Saudi rulers then took a small step towards democracy

by allowing limited municipal elections. Result? A dramatic victory

for conservative, mostly anti-Western, Islamist candidates. So, as the

Saudi leadership later told its American allies, “Be careful what you want.”

As you have read, these countries can simply affect the global oil market,

the Mideast countries and the economy. Therefore, we highly recommend

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