Singapore Bitumen Supplier

Singapore is one of the Southeast Asian countries. This country has refineries that can produce bitumen in different grades.

The three important refineries in Singapore are ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, and Singapore Refining company (SRC).

Since the feed of Singapore refineries is mainly supplied from imported crude oil, the bitumen price in this country is high.

As a bitumen supplier in the Middle East, we supply bitumen from valid refineries. We can export bitumen at a reasonable price to all over the world, including East Asia and countries like Singapore.

In the following, we describe the types of bitumen with different grades and packaging for the Singapore market. Stay with us for more information.

Types of Bitumen Packaging

We can supply Middle Eastern bitumen in new steel drums, jumbo bags, and flexi tanks packaging with the best quality and price. The specifications of bitumen packaging can be seen in the table below.

Type of Packaging


Weight Material

New Steel Drums

Long Drum

Height 980 mm

180 kg

Steel Sheet

Normal Drum

Height 860 mm

150 kg

Normal Drum

Height 950 mm

200 kg

Short Drum – Big Lid

Height 890 mm

156 kg

The body thickness of all drums is 6 mm and their diameter is 500 mm.

Jumbo Bags

100 * 107 * 107 cm

1 MT


100 * 55 * 55 cm

300 kg


Flexi Tanks

580 * 240 * 170 cm

20 tons




Among these, our bitumen with new steel drum packaging is the attention of the Singapore market.

Type of Bitumen

We can supply bitumen types with different grades according to the demand in the Singapore market.

Types of bitumen with different grades are listed in the table below.

Type of Bitumen


Penetration Bitumen

20/30, 30/40, 30/45, 35/50, 40/50, 40/60, 60/70, 80/100, 85/100, 100/120, 120/150, 160/220, 200/300

Emulsion Bitumen

Anionic, Cationic

Cutback Bitumen


Oxidized Bitumen

85/25, 85/15, 90/15, 90/25, 105/15, 115/15


Among the above, our 60/70 penetration bitumen is the most popular bitumen in Singapore. However, all the mentioned items are of high quality and you can safely buy bitumen according to your needs.

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Guarantee of Bitumen Exported to Singapore

SGS and Geochem are international companies in the field of inspection, compliance verification, quality control, and certification. SGS and Geochem inspectors inspect the cargo at customs according to ASTM standards and prepare a report for the customer. Also, our representative is present at the inspection place and after preparation of the SGS, TDS, and MSDS reports, will send them to you.

The most important part of the SGS report is the laboratory analysis that shows the quality of the cargo purchased by you.

The laboratory analysis section includes the following tests:

  • Specific Gravity

  • Penetration

  • Softening Point

  • Flash Point

  • Ductility

  • Solubility

  • Loss On Heating

  • Drop In Penetration After Heating

  • Spot Test (N-Heptane-Xylene (60-65%))

To cooperate with our company and also to get more information, you can contact our consultants. Our collection has professional and experienced consultants who can guide you in choosing the best product.