Bitumen 80/100

Bitumen 80/100

Bitumen 80/100 is one of the by-products of crude oil refining, which they obtain as

a “distillation tower compound” and has various applications in various industries.

More than 100 million tons of bitumen is used in the world, about 40% of which is for Asia.

On the other and, the share of the Americas and the Caribbean is about 30% and 18% accounts for European countries.

Besides, Russia and the CIS account for 7% of consumption, while Africa and Oceania

together account for 5% of total global bitumen especially bitumen 80/100 consumption.

Exports of bitumen 80/100

and other types in the world in 2014 and 2015 amounted to 25 million tons, equivalent to $ 15 billion.

In fact, South Korea, Singapore, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Canada, and Spain were the largest exporters of bitumen in the world, respectively.

The total volume of bitumen imports in the world is 24 million tons,

of which China, the United States, India, France, and Indonesia are among the largest importers of bitumen in the world.

It’s good to know that Iran has always had a special position in the world market with

the production of about 5 million tons of bitumen per year and the export of 3.5 million tons of bitumen

as the fourth-largest producer and the third-largest exporter of bitumen in the world.

Bitumen Market Share

In total, South Korea with 15%, Singapore with 12% and Iran with 11% of the world bitumen export

market are the main players in the world bitumen trade.

India is also one of the world’s largest consumers and importers of bitumen,

with economic growth of 7.3 percent in 2015-2014,

which increased to 8.5 percent in 2017-2016.

According to the report of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of India prepared by the Economic and Statistics Unit of this ministry,

the amount of bitumen production

in this country during 2015-2014 a

mounted to 4 million and 600 thousand tons,

which increased in 2017.

On the other hand, the demand

for bitumen in India will rise

to 7 million 200 thousand tons in 2022-2021.

Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Vietnam are also among the world’s major importers of bitumen.

To sum up, over the past 10 years,

Iran has always been one of the main sources of bitumen

production and exports in Asian and African countries, and Iran’s bitumen 80/100 exports

have increased from 2,560,000 tons in 2011 to 3,300,000 tons in 2015. Generally, India, UAE, Indonesia,

Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya

and Djibouti are the main destinations for Iranian bitumen 80/100 exports.