Bitumen price list today

Bitumen price list today is one of the most important news that people follow every day since bitumen is a general substance that has different applications in constructions. Generally speaking, a residual product in petroleum refineries can produce bitumen, when higher fractions such as gas, petrol, kerosene, and diesel, etc., separate. Global standards define bitumen as a black or dark brown non-crystalline soil or viscous material having adhesive properties derived from petroleum crude either by natural or by refinery processes. The final price of the produced bitumen depends on the refinery procedures, the type, and the specifications of that product.

Other items such as the package, the country, and the quantity also determine the price. Bitumen has various types which are emulsions, cutbacks, AC grades, Oxidized, Penetration, and performance grades.

General Uses of Bitumen:

Civil engineering projects

Constructions of roads, runways, and platforms.

Good for waterproofing projects.

Mastic floorings for factories.

Canal lining to prevent corrosion.

Dump-proof courses for masonry.

For vessels and tanks.

A joint filling element for mason


Electrical cables and junction cases.

Battery manufacture as sealing compound.

Paint industries.


Printing inks.

Waterproof papers.

Electrical capacitors.

Bituminous felts.

According to the above mentioned, the bitumen price list today is important, especially for the petrochemical companies, importers, and exporters.

Now, let’s look over the recent prices and their changes. According to Bitumart’s reports, bitumen prices have decreased by about 2% in January 2020.

Moreover, the bitumen emulsions have decreased compared to their last revisions.

To be more specific, the bitumen VG 30 and VG 10, both steel drum and bulk, have decreased by about 2.38%. The same scenario also happened for other types of bitumen. The reason is mainly the global corona crisis that widely affected many industries, deals, and prices. Moreover, in some countries like India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia the bitumen prices decrease when the Manson and the rainy season starts. That’s another reason for price changing. Additionally, bitumen package, local transportation fee, National Holiday in loading and discharge ports, payment terms, and sea freight have a large impact on the bitumen price list today.

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