Bitumen supplier in India

Bitumen supplier in India : India is one of the major markets of bitumen and other petrochemical products.

India is not much since they more import from other countries.

Major bitumen exporters in the world, are Iran, Turkey, Kenya, China, etc. On the other hand, the main

importers of bitumen and petrochemical products in the world, are India, Sudan, Tanzania, etc.

Bitumen supplier in India & Bitumen market

The rise in road construction activities, an increase in demand for adhesives, and an increase in the construction industry have all accelerated the growth of the India bitumen market. The paving types of bitumen had a large portion of the bitumen demands in recent years.

To be more specific, the market across the North India region had a higher demand for bitumen compared to other parts of the country.

India bitumen market has also a high rate of demand for paving grades, oxidized, polymer-modified, and bitumen emulsions.

The paving grades of bitumen had the largest share of the market in 2018, according to almost two-thirds of the India bitumen market.

However, the polymer-modified grade of bitumen is likely to show the fastest CAGR of 4.0% during the prediction time. India has the world’s second-largest road network after the United States of America, with a road base of over 47,000 km.

The Indian bitumen market that is currently around 5 million tons will grow in

the future due to the Government order to construction projects to enhance the road tracks.

India’s bitumen projects & applications

Bitumen has the main role in road construction, roofing, and waterproofing applications.

Almost 90% of the bitumen in India is applied for road construction with a balance of 10% shared equally for roofing and coatings.

It is estimated that about 70% of the needed bitumen comes from domestic

production of bitumen, whilst the remaining 30% enters the country through an import procedure.

India applies penetration grades and viscosity grades of bitumen more.

Bitumen supplier in India

mostly applies traditional methods, which include heating bitumen drums on-site.

Lately, the Government has issued instructions and regulations to provide application

methods of bitumen and solutions to eliminate environmental problems that happen on the projects when heating bitumen drums.

Bitumen packaging and transportation in India are mainly in the form of whether bulk or drums.

Other innovative packaging types like polybags are available but are not as appropriate as drums or bulk since the climate is hot in the country.