Bitumen for sale

Bitumen for sale is one of the most eminent subjects in the world. It’s essential to say that the bitumen market has two strategies for its pricing and deals.

Moreover, some regions are pioneers in the bitumen exports and imports, one of which is the West Asian region, centered on the Persian Gulf,

which is now considered in the world as one of the centers of production and pricing in the bitumen market.

This is while the production of bitumen in this area pays a lot of attention to the supply of Iranian bitumen for sale,

that we can say that the Iranian bitumen brand is determinative in the global pricing.

Bitumen for sale in the global market

On the other hand, Iran, one of the powerful countries in the middle east, exports bitumen to other countries such as the UAE or Bahrain.

Note that the prices in the commodity exchange are also one of the price indicators in the world.

However, a significant part of bitumen consumption in East Asian countries is for China,

and this signal has caused the prices in this area in the Chinese market to be acceptable in many countries.

Important to realize that the fluctuation of bitumen for sale prices in the Chinese domestic market is itself one of the most important rates in global markets so that in some pricing mechanisms the same rate is an important indicator.

This does not mean that the various institutions that broadcast the price of bitumen on a weekly and sometimes

daily basis in different parts of the world have no role in this process,

but the role of such institutions should be noticeable.

Announced statistics in the Chinese market have been officially available since 2016; however,

major changes in this market in recent weeks and months are more important.

Due to the general conditions in the production of bitumen in the world and the production of VB

as the main raw material of bitumen in the crude oil refining process, fluctuations in bitumen

prices change with high affinity with crude oil prices, which is a price signal for the market.

A look at the fluctuation of bitumen prices compared to crude oil prices shows that bitumen prices

have a relative lag compared to oil and the growth of crude oil prices is faster than the increase in bitumen prices.