What Is Bitumen

Bitumen uses

Refined type is more functional in the construction and road industry than the other industries. Its application is usually in paving and roofing fields. About 85% of all types are suitable as a binder in asphalt for roads, runways, parking lots, and footpaths.

What exactly bitumen looks?

It is a dense, highly viscous, petroleum-based hydrocarbon that exists in

deposits such as oil sands and pitch lakes (natural). By distillation of crude oil,

we can come up with a residue which is the refined one.

So this substance’s two main categories are the natural one and the refined one.

Why Bitumen has a major role in constructions?

This substance is the liquid binder that holds asphalt together.

A bitumen-sealed surface is a layer of

it sprayed and then covered with an aggregate.

Moreover, it has a large variety that each has a specific function and use.

Some of the varieties are emulsions, cutbacks, penetration grades, viscosity grades, performance grades, and some more.

What are bitumen and asphalt?

People usually mistake these two petrochemical products, while they are totally different.

Asphalt is produced in a plant that heats, dries

and mixes aggregate, bitumen and sand into a composite.

Thus, to answer the question what is bitumen?” we cannot define asphalt instead. So, be careful not to mix up these two.

What is bitumen extraction?

Although it is hard to extract from the ground, it can bubble naturally to the surface of the Earth in petroleum seepages.

These drips are where the fossil fuels and petroleum

products come out of the Earth instead of being

trapped deep below the ground.

Bitumen production

This is produced

in two ways, as follow:

1) Straight Run

2) Air blowing which

is done based

on batch or continuous process

This substance is mainly used in

roads construction and insulation,

for either paving grade or roofing grade. This product is divided into different grades and types according to different processes and reports of several physical tests, such as penetration test, viscosity test, flash point test, solubility test, softening point test, ductility test and some more.

What is bitumen color?

As we may have seen, the majority

of roads are paved with this material

and they tend to be black or dark gray in color largely because the product is a petroleum product that is dark black in color. All its grades are basically dark in the color.

So, now we know the answer to the question “what is bitumen? “completely. If there is any other question left ambiguous, ask us

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