White Spirit

White Spirit or mineral Spirit is simply a mixture of paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons (7 to 12 carbons) with a distillation

range of 142-200 ° C and a boiling point of 105 to 205 ° C. This product has lots of functions in various

industries which we will mention in the following.

Know more about White Spirit

The white spirit can also do the function of turpentine, naphthalene solvent (oil), and paint thinner in general.

As a matter of fact, all these solvents are clear liquids that are water-colored and have a mild odor and are chemically stable and do not cause corrosion.

The most important and main application of solvent 402, which is another name for white spirit , is in paints and varnishes.

Moreover, it is one of the most common solvents in the paint industry. The applications are as follows.

Applications of the product

  • As a solvent in paint and varnish thinners (60% of the total consumption of this substance in Europe is related to paints and varnishes.)
  • As a solvent for drying paints
  • As a solvent in the fabric printing
  • As a degreasing solvent from metal surfaces
  • As a solvent for waxes for home furniture, furniture, floors and also shoe wax
  • As a dry cleaning solvent

In addition to the above-mentioned items, the white spirit is also useful for removing acidic gas in gas purification

and is effective in sweet and non-sweet gas flow.

This product is known in the industry by other names such as 402 solvent or oil thinner.

The best and most suitable solvent for oil paints is exactly this solvent 402. Due to the widespread use of oil paints,

this material is also highly applicable in the industry.

Now, we admit that oil paints are essential in a wide variety of uses

such as machine-building, painting cars, shipbuilding to paint ship hulls, and some more.

Needless to mention that oil paint can be a good choice due to the thickness it creates on the surface.

To use oil paint, you must be able to use the best and most suitable solvent, which is solvent 402 or oil thinner.

Besides, oil thinner is in the form of liquid and steam and the flammability of this chemical is very high.

As a result, the release of this substance into the environment will have serious consequences.

In other words, the use of this type of thinner near electrical equipment will bring a high possibility of fire.