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Bitumen price January 2021

Having some fluctuations due to the coronavirus pandemic,

bitumen price January 2021 was in the customers’ attention. Therefore,

we have brought some variables that have a large impact on bitumen prices

and the oil market. First, the shale gas revolution has turned the

United States into an energy exporter. In recent months, the country has

become an oil exporter, and its oil exports have exceeded oil imports. To be more specific, the United States uses energy exports to increase relations

with its neighbors and allies. Washington also uses the arms embargo

of other countries to increase its share of the global energy market,

while reducing economic growth and isolating energy-producing countries. Besides, the United States has boycotted the Stream 2 project,

which supplies Russian gas to Germany. In fact, the boycott of the

Stream 2 rolling project was not to Moscow’s liking.

Bitumen price January 2021 & the OPEC Plus

Russia’s disagreement with OPEC Plus production cuts could be an

excellent opportunity for Moscow to influence US oil exports. Reducing oil

prices to the extent that it stops shale oil production will benefit Russia. Generally, rising shale oil production also led the United States to reduce

oil imports from Saudi Arabia. If shale oil production were not economical,

it would mean a reduction in US oil production – and an increase in oil

imports and unemployment in the US oil industry. Given the US economic

growth under Trump, the reduction of shale oil production and the closure

of shale oil wells will not be good news for the Trump administration.

Bitumen price January 2021 and the U.S.A

Needless to mention that by no means does Trump wanted to reduce his

vote share in the upcoming presidential election. Any economic crisis,

along with the growing impact of the Coronavirus on the US economy,

is a serious threat to the Trump administration and the upcoming

presidential election. On March 8, Brent crude fell about 31.6% to $31.02

a barrel for the first time in 20 years. West Texas Intermediate crude fell

27 percent to $30 a barrel. The fall in oil prices may be good for the

United States and the Trump administration in the short term, but in the

medium term, it will lead to unemployment in the US shale oil industry.

Perhaps fluctuations in world oil prices in the coming days will indicate the

extent and scope of the impact of OPEC Plus on the market. In other words,

if the market does not react significantly, changes in the market

structure can be serious.